Hawg Jaw is a hardcore band from New Orleans, Louisiana featuring vocalist Mike Dares, guitarist Gary Mader, bassist Paul Webb and drummer Matt Williams. Currently their last album DON'T TRUST NOBODY is on sale at http://www.EmeticRecords.com Follow Hawg Jaw on:

TH - What are the chances that we can get the stuff prior to DON'T TRUST NOBODY released?

MD - There has been talks of re-releasing BELIEVE NOTHING and SEND OUT THE DOGS together on one CD.

TH - Are there any plans for a follow up to DON'T TRUST NOBODY?

MD - yes there is ,we are about 9 songs into it, the original idea was to do some sort of trilogy thing. BELIEVE IN NOTHING, TRUST NO ONE, and FORGET EVERYTHING. Well between the first two we slipped out SEND OUT THE DOGS which was all off of our 7 inch or supposed to be at one time. TRUST NO ONE became DON‘T TRUST NOBODY and well now these 9 or so songs we got should be FORGET EVERYTHING but nothing is ever a definite with us.

TH - I read that there have been many line up changes to Hawg Jaw, are you an original member? Who else is?

MD - Gay (Gary Mader) and I played in a hardcore band way before Hawg Jaw and have always been close friends. When Hawg Jaw was started, he initially came in as a bass player, the guitar guy didn't work out so he said fuck it I'm gonna switch over, and he just did, pretty smoothly now that i think about it. Yeah Gary and I are originals.
TH - Considering that I'm the one who brought it up have you or anyone contacted Emetic Records about your album being used as promo? Has that been resolved at all?

MD - Gary and I spoke about it and he was aware. I was pretty towed up when you brought it to my attention. I nor any of us in no way make a living off of this band. It for me is strictly about writing these songs the way we want them, playing shows, and getting it out there as far as we can get it whether stolen, pilfered thru cyber space, either way any way, I just want it out there to be honest, we really don’t get any sort of payment thru sales, EMETIC has been the one to get our stuff out there, and i hope they continue to help us get it out, isn't that what it's really about?

TH - What inspires you the most? Not just musically but as a person, what is your drive?

MD - I have two small children, that can be pretty inspiring. It inspires me to get my ass outta bed and go to work. Other than that, Hawg Jaw and all the friends I have in other bands watching the talents these people got. Musically, drawing the fact that people can accomplish their ideas and not just empty talk. Plus I weld every chance I get, it’s another form of release to me. It goes hand in hand with the music. They feed each other.

TH - Heavy Metal in New Orleans has it's own sound, it's own vibe. What do you think helps to create that?

MD - People who have lived here their entire life have a certain thing about them. It's a certain sense of humor, a style, a feeling. You can tell after being around some one for just a few minutes if thy are from here or not, and that thing: whatever it is oozes/spills over into the music. Whether it be the hardcore , sludge, brass, or blues bands, it’s real.

TH - Do you think the scene (I hate that word btw) will blow up and expand any time in the future or will it be forever a local, centralized thing?

MD - As far as I know this shit blew up already. Look at EYEHATEGOD, Soilent Green, Crowbar, Goatwhore and fucking Down played in RUSSIA or some shit. I’m not sure if you can expand much more than that.
TH - I'm noticing the Hawg Jaw Anger Abita Beer logo. What's your fav. Abita Beer? I'm fond of Turbodog myself.

MD - it's strange you ask because as I read this I have an Abita Restoration Ale (Commish Approved) in my hand which I never drink. I’m pretty much religiously High Life these days.

TH - Favorite venue to play in New Orleans? First time I saw y'all was at the Hi-Ho Lounge and it was pretty badass there.

MD - Well, the Dixie is gone so I guess we move on. I guess the Hi-Ho is it for me right and we always have a good time at Check Point Charlie’s. Oh, did I mention…."BIG FUCK YOUS TO THE BANK ST.BAR"

TH - Any bands in the area you are paying close attention to that you think have a shot and coming up soon?

MD - It seems like every time you get a flyer in this city there is a new band on it. We’ve been around damn near 12 years and sometimes nothing new comes out for years then outta no where something does. Can’t not mention Haarp and A Hanging. Wanna check out TIREFIRE. There are just too many.

TH - Can you describe what the previous bands you were in were like?

MD - Always hardcore type crossover. I have always been about the CROSSOVER.

TH - Anything else you'd like to say or add please feel more than free.


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