On August 14th 2009, Outlaw Order preformed live at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, Louisiana.. Nole'Core was lucky enough to be able to interview guitarist Gary Mader and drummer Joey LaCaze. Currently their latest album DRAGGING DOWN THE ENFORCER is on sale at Amazon.com and the band can be followed at http://www.myspace.com/outlaworder and for 00% discussion be sure to check out the message board. Follow Outlaw Order on:

TYRONEHOOD: Alright, I'm here with Joey and Gary from Outlaw Order and EyeHateGod. Tonight's show with Soilent Green in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lets talk about you guys touring over the last few months. You guys have stuck around the gulf coast and Texas lately and you had the two big shows out in L.A. Murderfest which you guys headlined and then Hellfest in France.

Joey LaCaze: Yeah, that was awesome.

TH: EyeHateGod played on that one too. So what was it like taking Outlaw Order that far away?

Gary Mader: It was cool man. It was the first, like the first big thing that we did, ya know.

Joey: For being a new band and getting to play something like that on a main stage, it was awesome.

TH: What were the crowds like?

Gary: Insane.

Joey: Awesome. Three days and like people were like die-hard there all three days, all day long, you know what I mean? It was like Jazzfest for like, ya know, metal heads. It was awesome.

Gary: yeah man, people were like going nuts for Voivod (and ?)

TH: What was that town like in France? Did you see much of the country?

Joey: Oh man, it was awesome. It was like a little mid evil village and had a castle and shit.

Gary: That castle was cool.

Joey: Real in the country though, real small village.

TH: Did customs give you guys any grief? Ya know, this is Outlaw Order.

Joey: No, we went through when customs was closed.

all three: hahaha

Gary: Thats how we got in, customs was closed.

TH: We mentioned EyeHateGod played that some day. And Brian's playing tonight in Soilent. What is it like doing double duty, with both bands on the same day? Is it hard to pull off?

Joey: I guess it depends on how close together you're playing and ya know, its usually not that big of a deal. I mean the only thing that was kinda bad about him playing is he played on one stage with EyeHateGod. Or was it Outlaw Order?

Gary: It was EyeHateGod.

Joey: yeah, then he had to go all the way across the fair grounds to the other stage.

Gary: Like 15 minutes later.

Joey: Like on stage right afterwards. But most of the time its good cause you get to play twice and get paid twice.

all three: hahaha

TH: What about practice time? Is it hard to devote enough practice time to both projects or however many bands you guys are in?

Gary: Not really man, like we have set days to practice for each band. And you know, Outlaw Order is always on Wednesday or Friday. Soilent's always Tuesday and Thursday. But if it happens where Brian's not jamming with Outlaw on Wednesday, then we make time, ya know, cause everybody's used to doing that. We all play in a million bands.

Joey: And Luckily, there's enough inspiration and creativity that goes around to where the styles don't really bleed into each band. Its like kind of when you're in that mode, playing with that band, its like you're in that frame of mind. So that's what I think is pretty unbelievable as far as being in different bands, ya know?

TH: Awesome. Well, aside from the touring, what have you guys been up to this summer?

Joey: Sweatin'.

Gary: Sweatin', rolling burritos, frying chips.

Joey: Trying to get by, broke.

TH: Gotta do what ya gotta do.

Joey: Trying to make it to the next show.

Gary: Pissin' in a cup. haha.

Joey: Yeah, right. Going to drug court. Drug court every Thursday.

TH: Outlaw Order, ladies and Gentlemen.

Gary: Don't be as stupid as us. haha.

Joey: Yeah.

TH: Message to the kids.

Joey: And no one is heavier. Whatever the FUCK it is, GI Joe. (?)

TH: When you guys are on the road, is there a particular venue or city that sticks out as a particular favorite for you guys?

Joey: New York. New York, San Fransisco, thats my favorites in the United States for sure.

Gary: Yeah, I'd say New York is definitely cool. Boston is a lot of fun too.

Joey: oh yeah, Boston. I mean so many towns. And In Europe, Berlin's awesome. Amsterdam, of course. The weeds insane. (?)

TH: Yeah, can't get in trouble for it there.

Joey: I mean any major city is going to pretty much kill. Like if you go to Tokyo, its going to be killer, ya know?

Gary: Yeah, Tokyo. That was one of the most insane experiences I've had.

TH: That was your first tour with EyeHateGod?

Gary: Yeah, I got in the band like a month before and I'm in Tokyo.

Joey: And like every tour I've done with EyeHateGod, that like week and a half or two weeks was by far the most awesome, professionally done tour I've ever been on. They were just like to the T about everything ya know? It was pretty overwhelming of how the fans and the people who put on the shows reacted.

Gary: Yeah you'd walk in and your equipment was set up.

Joey: Yeah, I mean like, the first night you set it up and then every night after that, you took a train to the venue, then you'd be there and your SHIT would be set up exactly like it was the first night. It was FUCKING unreal.

TH: A little different from tonight, lugging your stuff in.

Joey: Yeah, but I like that too. I like setting my own stuff up. It gives you a little time to like, ya know

Gary: Get your mind right.

TH: Get your game face on.


TH: I've read some rumors that EyeHateGod will be releasing its new albums on Housecore. What's up with that?

Gary: Its a uhh...

Joey: Kind of a rumor.

Gary: Its kind of a rumor.

Joey: It depends.

Gary: Yeah, I think that the main thing that it comes down to with what label that album goes on is whatever the best offer is for the band, ya know?

Joey: Yeah and what attention's going to be given to it. Is it going to be worth our while, ya know? I mean we've been doing this for 20 years now, its like, I don't want to just put out anything just to put it out anymore. I want it to be done right. I want it to be what its worth, know what I mean, its like, its hard at this age now to still play music and have to give up jobs. I'm not 21 anymore, when I didn't give a fuck, ya know? Now its like, some of us have a family now, so you really gotta make it worth your while to go do these things, ya know? I went through my years of splitting up $75 between five people and everybody splitting the same piece of pizza and shit. I ain't doing that anymore, ya know.

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