Thanks for visiting TYRONEHOOD TELEVISION. We get a lot of emails regarding the site, so we decided to write out a few answers to the most common questions. Please contact one of the webmasters with any further questions you have. Thanks again - TH

1. Who filmed all of these shows?

- All of the shows found on this website were filmed by members of TYRONEHOOD. The majority of them were done without having a media pass or anything distinguishing the filmer from any other fan in attendance. That's what Tyronehood is - by fans for fans of great music.

2. Can I have my own personal copy of a show?

- As of the end of 2013, YES we will send out custom made DVD copies of shows or CD audio only versions, for a small fee via Paypal. Send $5.99 to the following link, along with the show listed you would like a copy of in the instructions. Note that it is $5.99 for each individual show. Then we will gladly get a copy out to you!

3. Can I join Tyronehood and help out?

- Absolutely! We have members all over the world and are always looking for cool people to communicate and work with. Even if you just have some old concert photos lying around your house, if you can get them on the web then TH would love to post a link to them. Whats the point of collecting media from shows if no one else is able to appreciate it all?

- Feel free to contact us if you see any errors with setlists or spellings. We appreciate the help! We hope this helps, and if not feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.


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