May 20

The Great Dark Lord Trendkill

On April 29, 2011, TH members Nole’Core, his new wife, Samantha, Power Metal, and Matt The Microwave set out once again for what would be another epic weekend that only the Kings could have pulled off.

For me, Power Metal, the journey began in Atlanta, GA. I landed around 10:30 that morning and, thanks to their wonderful train system, MARTA, I actually got to see a lot of the city on foot. after about4 hours of wondering around, I finally found what I was looking for, the Little Five Points.

I went straight to this awesome bar in the points called The Porter. the old “kid in a candy store” saying never fit a situation better than in that bar.
if you’re ever in Hotlanta, go there, you wont regret it.

This is also where I met up with Nole and Samantha, whose journey began with the drive up from Florida that morning.

After putting a few more down at The Porter, we visited a record store in the points called Criminal Records, another awesome place.

Now time for some lunch. The only place suitable for TH lunch, a place where you walk through a giant skull to enter, The Vortex.
And they had Eyehategod and ASG on the juke. Needless to say, both were blasted while we were there.

Later tha night, we headed out to The Masquerade to see the one and only Sepul-fucking-tura.

The entire show killed, especially Hate and Sepultura. Check out our footage of the show here.

Right after the show, we continued our conquest up to Nashville, TN where we met up with Matt The Microwave, whose journey began when he flew into Nashville earlier that evening.

Now the hard part, the drive up to Munster, Indiana for Dark Lord Day.

After putting a few hundred more miles under our belts, we made it to Munster, just in time to get in the long ass line for Dark Lord Day, luckily though, Matt brought a few beers from Boulder’s Liquor Mart which made the wait in line not so bad.

Finally, after about 2 hours, we were in and since we are the Kings, one of us HAD to win 3 Floyds’ Willy Wonka ticket. And I did.

Stocked up on Dark Lord. MORE BEEEEEERRRRRR

Our next stop was Kenosha, WI. We didnt stay too long cause it was freezing.

Now onward to Chicago, IL. Chicago was probably my favorite city on this Trendkill, other than being a little cold, it was a great city that I definitely want to go back to some day.
Our first stop in Chi town was at a place called Kuma’s Corner where we got the one and only PanterA burger.

Then it was off to The Beat Kitchen to catch Dax Riggs play a show. And what an incredible show it was. Watch footage of it here.

After some much needed rest, we got to spend most of the next day checking out Chicago. Everything from Wrigley Field, to a metal shop, to a video game store, to Millenium Park, and even a Russian restaurant, we conquered that city.

Unfortunately, it was time to part ways again, until next time anyway.

Power Metal