Mar 30

San Francisco gets a dose of Mediterranean metal with ROTTING CHRIST (Greece) and MELECHESH (Israel)

The DNA Lounge in San Francisco was flooded by the metal tides of the Mediterranean this past Sunday as Melechech set the stage for Rotting Christ’s first ever show in San Fran. Melechesh displayed their unique style of metal to a crowd that many didn’t know what to expect, including me. When the dust settled, it didn;t matter where they were from. They had owned the stage and brought Mesopotamian Metal to the Bay Area. Rotting Christ exploded upon the night with calls to war, and ended it all with NON SERVIAM played in a battle helmet.

Polish black metal band HATE also played and their set can be viewed here.

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Melechesh’s entire set can been seen herehttp://tyronehood.tv/worldwide/melechesh/sanfrancisco/videos.html.

Melechesh’s Official Homepage
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Rotting Christ’s entire set can be seen here.

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