Nov 16

REDEMPTION CITY: Dustin Hopkins boots 55 yard FG to put FSU in 1st

A week after missing a FG in a loss to UNC, Dustin Hopkins was again put out on the field with the same situation, this time with much more on the line. ACC Atlantic foe Clemson had just tied the game to take the wind out of a roaring crowd at Doak, who must have been wondering how the team would find a way to lose this one.  This drive would feature no big return by Greg Reid, and also had a personal foul that backed it up 15 yards. Yet with under a minute to play, backup QB EJ Manuel did just enough to work the Noles back into Clemson territory. At first, it appeared they would play for overtime as the drive stalled with 3 seconds left. Then, after a timeout, here came Hopkins out onto the field. 55 yards, farther than any field goal he had made in his career. The ones he missed last week were nowhere near as far. The difference between a win and a loss was 4th and 1st place in the Atlantic. All of this hung on his shoulders as he lined up to attempt his kick. As time expired, the kick was blasted so hard it would have been good from 60. FSU 16, Clemson 13. Game fucking over. Hopkins had just broken the FSU kicking curse, one that he himself had added to just a week prior. None of that mattered now as the embattled Noles raced around the field in jubilation, their streak of bizarre last second losses over.

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