Oct 19

Estonia falls to Slovenia in Tallinn on own goal

Estonia took on Slovenia for a Euro 2012 qualifying match in the Estonian capital city of Tallinn on Oct 12th. Playing on a cold night 4 days after blasting Serbia 3-1, Estonia failed to cash in on several scoring opportunities and ended up allowing an own goal from a deflection off of defender Andrei Sidorenkov in the 66th minute. It was a crushing loss for the home team, whose fans were going apeshit the entire match despite the cold weather that night. While this setback certainly stings, Estonia still has 6 points so far, trailing only Slovenia and possibly Italy, who will have to wait and see decision handed down from FIFA in regard to their suspended match with Serbia due to fan violence. History still can be made by this Estonian team, who returns to action in March 2011 with a home match against Serbia. That is, if the Serbs are not booted from the entire tournament. Italy, Serbia, and Slovenia all made the WC and Estonia has looked fine against all three teams thus far so fans have reason to be optimistic.

As this was my first real soccer game, and an international one at that, I was excited to see how the atmosphere stacked up against big time football here in the USA. My only prior experience was a friendly between the Los Angeles Galaxy and a David Beckham led Real Madrid squad. This blew that shit out of the water and it was not even close. Despite the stadium,A. Le Coq Arena, not being full it was still a loud, raucous environment with singing and rowdy fans putting forth a show of support that would make my fellow Washington Huskies fans proud. The Green Dragons of Slovenia brought a small group of fans for the match, and they made up for lack in numbers by launching flares and fireworks into their own section when the own goal happened. I was stunned.

It was a fucking shame Estonia lost, especially in that fashion, but it was still a really fun experience and hopefully the next time I see them play it will be a victory.  Notorious TH member Jack The Ripper is Slovenian and witnesses reported Nole’Core uttered “god damn I am going to kill Jack” as the Slovenians celebrated on the pitch.

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