Sep 06

Fisher era begins at FSU

OK I am driving home from the FSU – Samford game. While the opponent was vastly over-matched, FSU has struggled with this type of team plenty of times over the last few years. Today was not the case.

On offense, other than a tipped ball that was picked off on our first drive, the unit was unstoppable. Ponder had 4 TD passes and I think only 2 incompletions. Despite the score (59 points) we really did not put up gaudy numbers on O because of the defense and special teams constantly gave us a short field. I expected the offense to be a machine with Ponder back and I was not disappointed.

The defense, one of the worst EVER last year, looked fine. The DBs actually made plays and tackled well, Mike Harris and Greg Reid played very well, and the safetys looked competent. This was very different from last years SHIT unit. I know it was just Samford, but this side of the team could only go up after last years disaster. With Stoops and a new secondary, I feel a lot better about our defense.

Greg Reid. You will know this mans name before the season ends, if you do not already. Kick to him, and die.

As far as the atmosphere, it seems like everyone was really excited to put the Bowden shit behind us, there was a roar of applause when Jimbo was introduced to start the game. It was not a sellout but still a good crowd. There was some vile faggot bugs all over the place despite it being a noon game, moths and shit, VERY annoying they need to shoot these motherfuckers DOWN. Also, coming out to For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica was bad as fuck.

Check out highlights and stats here.

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