Sep 02

Arizona Cardinals look like SHIT vs Titans

Tennessee TitansIts that time of year again. Football is back! TH has always been more than just music, and with several sports fanatics on staff we usually hit up several events a year. While on a road trip up to Huntsville, Nole’Core decided to swing up to Nashville and witness the demise of his NFC West nemesis, the Arizona Cardinals.

The team looked like a shell of its previous 2 seasons, failing to move the ball for most of the first half. I know it is just preseason but damn they looked awful. In regards to the QB situation, Matt Leinart obviously has pissed off this coaching staff off the field because if Derek Anderson is truly going to be getting the starting job over Leinart, then this team is looking at sinking back into the cellar. Anderson did move the Cards into the redzone on a deep pass, but then misfired horribly on 2 straight throws into the endzone. Maybe when Fitzgerald returns some of those dogshit passes will be caught but until then, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Anderson also was rocked on every other play. Tim Hightower looked as shitty as he always does. Without Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin, this team is fucked.

As for the Titans, Chris Johnson played in limited time but did score on a short run. VY pulled off several inexplicable plays, as is seemingly the norm from him. It was the first time I had seen him in person since his very first NFL game against San Diego, and it still amazes me seeing his throwing motion up close.

Speaking of being up close, I was able to get some sweet corner endzone seats for only 30 bucks. I had thought NFL stadiums still charged regular season prices for preseason games but that cannot be right. These seats were about 15 rows from the field, and that stadium is now one of my favorites, right up there with Qwest in Seattle. Very nice facilities and comfortable seats, the vending lines were not a problem at all, and on top of all this, a very picturesque setting on the Cumberland River with a view of downtown Nashville’s skyline. Would definitely like to go back here for a game sometime.

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