Nov 12

The Melvins @ the Republik – Honolulu, HI

What’s in a world record? It’s something most of us will never have the chance to accomplish, and very little will even have the chance to see. I was one of the lucky few that recently watched The Melvins set a record that will never be broken. They toured the country hard hitting up 50 states and Washington DC all in 51 days with a final and explosive set here in Honolulu.

The night started with a short yet explosive set by the local punk band Beaman. Despite originating in the mythical land of West Dakota, they took the stage with one night’s notice to fill in for a last minute pull out. I spoke with Beaman after their set. They were just proud to be a part of something so significant and had nothing but amazing things to say about Buzz & crew.

Shortly after the explosive and chaotic punk, a loud tone emanated throughout the area. Something huge was about to happen. The Melvins took the stage and began to rage hard for over an hour. They played with a fervor rarely seen today with little time in between songs and transitions that just allowed the madness in the pit to run on unending.

I did my best to try to capture the power and chaos for THTV that such an amazing group can put on. They were as incredible 50 days after they started. The Melvins came to Hawaii and conquered!

Watch everything I was able to grab before my batteries died at: