Oct 08

Entire DOWN set from Charlotte – 2 versions

After a hectic drive from Florida to Savannah all night, I met up with Power Metal in Charlotte, NC for my 22nd Down show. Despite being dog tired, I was able to revive myself with a few beers downtown while we checked out the city. Loved the nice area we hung out in, and while the venue itself seemed pretty dingy, the sound quality was excellent. While downtown, we checked out the Dixie Tavern, and old building near the rail road tracks, where we got advice on where to bar hop while we waited for the show. The recommendations didn’t disappoint, and we headed down the road for some excellent Carolina style BBQ. When we got the to the venue we had some issue as we were not yet on the guest list, but as always Jimmy Bower took care of the problem and we were able to check in with Jim and the latest EHG/Down news. Finally it was show time and the band wasted little time playing new material, with “Witchtripper” & “Open Coffins” were the 2nd and 3rd songs played. It was an excellent set list featuring only the new songs and hits from “Nola” and Down II. Special thanks to Jimmy and the helpful bartender at the Dixie Tavern for making this a memorable night of music.

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