May 30

DOWN Finally Comes To Pensacola

It was like something out of bizarro land. After having seen DOWN play all over North America and Europe since 2006, it surely couldn’t happen here. Not in Pensacola. Not my home city. So for about a month I tried to wrap my mind around all of this, all the while saying to myself, “DOWN??? In PENSACOLA??” And oh how the seemingly pipe dream of a show finally roared into reality. I distinctly remember saying to drummer Jimmy Bower back in 2008 that I was surprised the city was always skipped over every US tour, even back in the bands earlier days. So when I saw him last month at EyeHateGod’s show in Indiana, I had to ask him if this was all correct and not some typo on an up and coming music venue’s Facebook page. I hadn’t been to a show at the Vinyl Music Hall before, it opened just last year. I also hadn’t been to a show in the actual downtown of the city, so this was going to be a new experience despite the fact that I went to high school about ten minutes away. The venue was great, spacious enough to handle the crowd that grew throughout the evening, and the staff was friendly. When the band finally was about to take the stage, the vibe was electric inside that building. Lysergik Funeral Procession slammed into the amps and Down delivered itself to the long awaiting fans of Pensacola. It seemed like the entire audience knew every single word to every single song, definitely enjoying and participating in a show that took forever to happen and might not ever happen again. When it was all over and the amped up band made their way to back, I caught up with Jim to tell him thanks. “This show was GREAT!” he said, and despite this being the 22nd time I had seen the band, I definitely had to agree. Top 5. Easily. There’s just something about home.
– Nole’Core
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Watch Down’s entire set from Pensacola here: http://tyronehood.tv/usa/down/pensacola/videos.html
View photos from the show on the Tyronehood Facebook.