Jul 09

THTV Interviews Valient Thorr!

Valient Thorr played at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Fl on Monday July 1, 2013.
THTV’s Chris and Samantha Caravello interviewed Valient Thorr’s Valient Himself!
Watch the interview here:

You can also watch Valient Thorr’s entire set here:
Valient Thorr live in Pensacola, FL 7/1/2013

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Jul 09

Dax Riggs live in Raleigh, NC!

Dax Riggs played at The Maywood in Raleigh, North Carolina on June 24, 2013.
Watch footage of his entire set on THTV here:
Dax Riggs live in Raleigh, NC 6/24/2013

And check out photos from his set here:
Dax Riggs live in Raleigh, NC 6/24/2013

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Jun 13

Dax Riggs in Panama City Beach, FL!

Dax Riggs played Newby’s Too in Panama City Beach, Florida on Saturday June 8, 2013.

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Jun 04

Hellyeah & Sevendust on THTV!

Hellyeah and Sevendust played Blaze Fest in Niceville, FL on Saturday, May 25, 2013.
Watch footage of Hellyeah’s set here:
Hellyeah live in Niceville, FL 5/25/2013

Hellyeah’s Official Homepage
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And watch footage from Sevendust’s set here:
Sevendust live in Niceville, FL 5/25/2013

Sevendust’s Official Homepage
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May 29

Down live in Raleigh, NC

TYRONEHOOD just celebrated our 5th anniversary last week and what better way to celebrate that than seeing Down again?
Down played Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 24, 2013.
Watch more of Down’s set here:


Visit Down’s official homepage
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Jan 02

THTV’s Best of 2012

At the end of each year, we put together a list of what we think are the best songs/videos we filmed throughout the year.
To celebrate the beginning of 2013, check out last year’s best of here:
Best of 2012

The list includes:
1. Down – Open Coffins – Charlotte
2. The Melvins – Hooch – Honolulu
3. Corrosion of Conformity – Psychic Vampire – Savannah
4. Alcest – Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles – New Orleans
5. Joe Buck – Evil Motherfucker from Tennessee – Fayetteville
6. Viva Le Vox – Cardiovascular & Otherwise – Fayetteville
7. ASG – New Song – Greenville
8. EyeHateGod- Blank – Dark Lord Day
9. Grayson Capps – Washboard Lisa – Seaside
10. Down – Lysergik Funeral Procession – Pensacola
11. Clutch – Big News I – Pensacola
12. The Melvins – A Growing Disgust – Honolulu
13. High on Fire – The Face of Oblivion – Dark Lord Day
14. EyeHateGod – New Orleans is the New Vietnam – Dark Lord Day
15. Prong – Rude Awakening – Savannah
16. Down – The Misfortune Teller – Asheville
17. Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes – 25 or 6 to 4 – New Orleans

TYRONEHOOD would like to thank Nick Rios, Aaron Brock, 3 Floyds’ Barnaby Struve, EyeHateGod and all the fans and friends we’ve made over the years!
Here’s to a great 2013

Nov 12

The Melvins @ the Republik – Honolulu, HI

What’s in a world record? It’s something most of us will never have the chance to accomplish, and very little will even have the chance to see. I was one of the lucky few that recently watched The Melvins set a record that will never be broken. They toured the country hard hitting up 50 states and Washington DC all in 51 days with a final and explosive set here in Honolulu.

The night started with a short yet explosive set by the local punk band Beaman. Despite originating in the mythical land of West Dakota, they took the stage with one night’s notice to fill in for a last minute pull out. I spoke with Beaman after their set. They were just proud to be a part of something so significant and had nothing but amazing things to say about Buzz & crew.

Shortly after the explosive and chaotic punk, a loud tone emanated throughout the area. Something huge was about to happen. The Melvins took the stage and began to rage hard for over an hour. They played with a fervor rarely seen today with little time in between songs and transitions that just allowed the madness in the pit to run on unending.

I did my best to try to capture the power and chaos for THTV that such an amazing group can put on. They were as incredible 50 days after they started. The Melvins came to Hawaii and conquered!

Watch everything I was able to grab before my batteries died at:

Oct 19

THTV Interviews Grayson Capps in Seaside

30A logo

The Best Road in FL!

On a cool Fall night in Seaside along scenic highway 30A, Southern Gothic legend Grayson Capps treated those in attendance to his blend of hauntingly beautiful melodies infused with a touch of bayou-esque blues. Playing on the back porch of the iconic Bud & Alleys right on the snow white sands of the gulf, Capps looked right at home on a stage set up to resemble a rustic country porch, complete with the scattered bottles of beer and living room lamp. It was as if a little stretch of his world had been plopped right onto 30A, fitting for a town that once called home to the set of The Truman Show (1998 starring Jim Carrey). After the intimate set, which was played alongside piano player Randall Bramblett and Capp’s accompanying guitarist Corky Hughes, we were fortunate enough to be granted an interview with the eclectic Mr. Capps.

Grayson Capps’ Official Homepage
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For footage from Grayson Capps performance in Seaside, click here.


Oct 08

Entire DOWN set from Charlotte – 2 versions

After a hectic drive from Florida to Savannah all night, I met up with Power Metal in Charlotte, NC for my 22nd Down show. Despite being dog tired, I was able to revive myself with a few beers downtown while we checked out the city. Loved the nice area we hung out in, and while the venue itself seemed pretty dingy, the sound quality was excellent. While downtown, we checked out the Dixie Tavern, and old building near the rail road tracks, where we got advice on where to bar hop while we waited for the show. The recommendations didn’t disappoint, and we headed down the road for some excellent Carolina style BBQ. When we got the to the venue we had some issue as we were not yet on the guest list, but as always Jimmy Bower took care of the problem and we were able to check in with Jim and the latest EHG/Down news. Finally it was show time and the band wasted little time playing new material, with “Witchtripper” & “Open Coffins” were the 2nd and 3rd songs played. It was an excellent set list featuring only the new songs and hits from “Nola” and Down II. Special thanks to Jimmy and the helpful bartender at the Dixie Tavern for making this a memorable night of music.

Down’s Official Homepage
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ENTIRE SHOW: http://tyronehood.tv/usa/down/charlotte2/videos.html

VERSION 2: http://tyronehood.tv/usa/down/charlotte2v2/videos.html

PHOTOS: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151193951882728.484744.94193772727&type=1

Oct 03

New Down songs from Charlotte, NC!

Down played at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC on October 2, 2012. As part of Down’s set, they played 3 songs from their recently released EP, Down IV Part1 the Purple EP.
Check them out. Down’s entire set from the show will be posted soon!

Jul 31

Corrosion of Conformity shows Savannah some classic Animosity

The classic COC lineup that recorded 1985’s “Animosity” brought their tour to Savannah, GA this past weekend. Thanks to some blind luck on a business trip, TH was there to record it. Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman, and Reed Mullin played a set that featured some songs off of their self titled 2012 release, as well as several old classics dating back to the 80’s, including “Technocracy”. The set featured two songs from the Pepper Keenan era, plus playing the beginning to “Seven Days”. This was a very unique show that I am sure pleased all of the old school Corrosion fans! Also on the bill was Prong, whom THTV had filmed a week prior.

Prong’s Official Homepage

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Watch footage from Prong here:http://tyronehood.tv/usa/prong/savannah/videos.html

Corrosion Of Conformity’s Official Homepage

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Watch COC’s entire set here: http://tyronehood.tv/usa/coc/savannah/videos.html

Jul 19

CLUTCH rocks Pensacola with PRONG

I remember the first month that we founded TH back in 2008 and we were talking about what bands we wanted to try and film for the site, Alex immediately said “Clutch”. Well 4 years later Pensacola was lucky enough to have them come through and play an awesome set that featured several new songs, including one that had never been played live before.

Prong’s Official Homepage
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Clutch’s Official Homepage
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Watch their entire set here: http://tyronehood.tv/usa/clutch/pensacola/videos.html

May 30

DOWN Finally Comes To Pensacola

It was like something out of bizarro land. After having seen DOWN play all over North America and Europe since 2006, it surely couldn’t happen here. Not in Pensacola. Not my home city. So for about a month I tried to wrap my mind around all of this, all the while saying to myself, “DOWN??? In PENSACOLA??” And oh how the seemingly pipe dream of a show finally roared into reality. I distinctly remember saying to drummer Jimmy Bower back in 2008 that I was surprised the city was always skipped over every US tour, even back in the bands earlier days. So when I saw him last month at EyeHateGod’s show in Indiana, I had to ask him if this was all correct and not some typo on an up and coming music venue’s Facebook page. I hadn’t been to a show at the Vinyl Music Hall before, it opened just last year. I also hadn’t been to a show in the actual downtown of the city, so this was going to be a new experience despite the fact that I went to high school about ten minutes away. The venue was great, spacious enough to handle the crowd that grew throughout the evening, and the staff was friendly. When the band finally was about to take the stage, the vibe was electric inside that building. Lysergik Funeral Procession slammed into the amps and Down delivered itself to the long awaiting fans of Pensacola. It seemed like the entire audience knew every single word to every single song, definitely enjoying and participating in a show that took forever to happen and might not ever happen again. When it was all over and the amped up band made their way to back, I caught up with Jim to tell him thanks. “This show was GREAT!” he said, and despite this being the 22nd time I had seen the band, I definitely had to agree. Top 5. Easily. There’s just something about home.
– Nole’Core
Down’s Official Homepage
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Watch Down’s entire set from Pensacola here: http://tyronehood.tv/usa/down/pensacola/videos.html
View photos from the show on the Tyronehood Facebook.

May 24

TH Is Right Back Where We Started From

The day after TYRONEHOOD’s 4th anniversary, May 21, 2012, We were at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC to see the band that started it all for us, DOWN. Its only fitting that the first show we ever added on THTV was from Down and now, 4 years later, we’d be seeing them for the 21st. (with a 22nd time just a week away)

Watch footage from Down’s set here, including the new song, The Misfortune Teller (also posted below):
Down live in Asheville, NC 5/21/2012

And check out photos from the show here:
Down live in Asheville, NC 5/21/2012

Down’s Official Homepage
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May 18

The Great Darklord Trendkill ptIII

Me, Samantha, Matt, and Alex had planned a while ago to try and make it to this years Dark Lord Day beer festival. Last years event was a lot of fun, plus we got to see parts of the country we hadn’t visited before while on our massive road trip to get there. Alex wasn’t sure he could make it this time around, and even Samm and I were pretty hesitant due to just buying a new home. But then something happened that made this trip a must-go. In a twist of irony, we fond out that EYEHATEGOD was going to playing during the festival, inside the actual brewery. I got a call from Matt early one Sunday with the news. My response? “No fucking way”. I quickly called Alex and his response pretty much mirrored mine. We had to go now. We just had to. And damnit, we were not disappointed.

The trip started off pretty rough, with Samm and I missing our early flight to Buffalo and having to spend the better part of the day in one of the shittiest airports you can ever visit, Valparaiso. When we finally arrived up North, the sun was starting to set and jeopardized us seeing the first site of our trip: Niagara Falls. Matt picked us up and we jetted over to the Falls, and before we were even halfway there we could see a large cloud of mist erupting from the horizon. It was like Godzilla exploding out of Tokyo Bay. After walking down to the edge of the waterfall (Samm went OVER the railing for a few crazy photos), we were ready to cross the border into Canada.

Somehow, we always have the shittiest experience when driving into Canada. This trip was no different, we got flagged and had to get out of the car and explain ourselves. While not as painful as the past trips, this was still a huge inconvenience for a group of people just doing some traveling and wanting to see a new place. We arrived in Toronto way later than we had wanted to due to missing our flight, and thus missing the Raptors basketball game. One day I will get to see them play (I hope). Samm and I met up with Charnelle for a tour of Toronto. It was cool to finally meet her since we had all been working together with TH and EHG for several years via facebook and the online forums. Despite it being cold as SHIT (like in the 30s) and extremely windy, we still had a great time.

The next morning we headed to Detroit, which was about a 5 hour drive across Canada and over the bridge back into the states. Of course, we got stopped. While we were being detained, Alex was already walking around Detroit, going into abandoned buildings which seemed to be everywhere down by the river. The town itself was very nice, I loved to architecture. It was strange seeing such a huge city with almost zero foot traffic. The economic situation there still has the population low. That night Alex, Samm, and I went downtown to meet up with Nikki, another person we at TH have known for several years but finally got to meet in person. We picked a bar that was over 100 years old to meet up for food and drinks. Alex tried some absolutely terrible booze, but drank it down out of a chalice like a tru warrior, while I stuck to the German food on the menu since I had a race the next morning.

I had expected cool temperatures for this 5K race but not weather in the 30s with high wind. I ended up wearing my running jacket under my jersey but still was able to place 3rd overall. After the race it, was time to leave Detroit. We drove south to Toledo, Ohio since no one had visited that state before. Not much to see, it was just another state crossed off our list. We ran into trouble with the pigs but still made it to DLD with time to spare before EyeHateGod took the stage. We said whats up to everyone and I was able to film from the front of the barricade. This ended up being the best EHG show I had ever seen (maybe because I was finally SOBER for one), and we all agreed that this was an incredible experience. The band ripped through several old favorites and even played two new songs, New Orleans Is The New Vietnam and Medicine Noose. Afterwards we had a blast hanging out behind the brewery with the guys, and were totally overjoyed to be given 8 Dark Lord beers by the event organizer, Barnaby. What a class act!

We got another awesome surprise when we realized Matt Pike from High on Fire was walking around out back. The secret un-named band that was going to headline the show was none other than his band. After saying whats up to Matt, observing EHG telling some annoying drunk old man to fuck off, and several other instances of debauchery, it was time to watch HOF. All I can say about that show is….holy SHIT!!!! First time I was able to see them, and coupled with the fact it was totally unexpected it made for a badass memorable show. Afterwards, we hung out some more and then it was time to head to Chicago.

All in all this was a pretty crazy, thrown together trip with a lot of bumps along the way but because TH takes shit as it comes, we were fine. I hope we are all back next year and ready for pt IV.


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